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Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas Present

My husband is always so sweet and creative when it comes to giving gifts...and he loves a good surprise! On Monday night, we were wrapping all of the kids' gifts to prepare for an early Christmas (since we celebrated on Christmas eve morning). We were just finishing up around 8:45 PM when he suddenly appeared in the study donning his coat and announcing that he had to "go to the store." I found it extremely strange, especially since he is more of an early morning shopper than a late night shopper. He's been known to ask if stores even stay open past dark. About 40 minutes later, he called me and told me to look for a card in the Christmas tree. The card announced what my Christmas present was...He flew my sister here to celebrate Christmas with us and to serve as babysitter so Tom & I could enjoy two date nights. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Tom & I have only had a few nights out without the kids since Libby was born. The only two I can distinctly remember were in Greece with my dad acting as babysitter...although we may have snuck away for a grocery shopping trip or an errand while other family was visiting. It was also a huge blessing because Tom worked 24 hours on Christmas Day. We were invited to a friend's house for lunch but there is nothing more special than spending holidays with family, especially since we don't get to do that very often.

On Tuesday, Tom and I went out for sushi and enjoyed a nice evening together. On Wednesday, we planned to go for pizza at a fun shopping area. However, we didn't take into consideration that being Christmas Eve, none of the smaller restaurants would be open. After trying at least 3 local restaurants, which were all closed, Tom told me that he was certain the Chinese restaurants were all opened. I wasn't so sure but we made the drive to Richardson to our favorite dumpling restaurant. Turns out he was absolutely right - every restaurant in "China Town" was packed. Although Chinese food wasn't my first choice, it was a fun night out together...with a fun story of the search for an open restaurant. Here's a picture of us dolled up to go out for sushi (Caedmon decided he needed to be in the picture too):

And here's Aunt Heather with the kids:
Thank you, Tom, for a wonderful Christmas gift...and thank you, Aunt H, for helping to make it all happen!
...I also got a very cool new kitchen gadget - Beaba Babycook. It steams and blends food to make homemade baby food. One of my friends who has a baby the same age as Libby told me about it. I mentioned it to Tom but figured it probably wasn't worth it since we already have a steamer pot and a Cuisinart Mini-prep. However, it arrived on Christmas Eve and I am loving it! Now, I have definite incentive to skip buying store-bought baby food for Libby. I started out strong with Caedmon but he ended up eating mostly Earth's Best jarred food by the end of his baby food experience.

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  1. What awesome gifts. "Gifts" is my love language but sadly it is not Sam's so I would love those thoughtful gifts. I will have to check out the babycook item. I also started out strong with Katherine but ended up with Earth's Best. We start solids in 2 weeks.


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