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Monday, December 15, 2008

Libby: 5 1/2 Months

Tom says I blog too much about Caedmon and not enough about Libby. It's probably true...only because Caedmon says something funny at least once a day...if not more like once an hour. On the other hand, Libby's personality is starting to peek through more and more but there's just not as much fodder for writing. I'm sure that will change in no time. However, sweet Libby does deserve some blog time now so I thought I'd share some pictures and a bit of insight into our growing gal.

It's hard to believe that our baby girl will be 6 months old soon. She is changing every day and really becoming a little person. She continues to love to be around people and to experience the world around her. She is very observant. She just looks and looks at new people and places. I think she may be a bit of an extrovert. She gets fussy if we're in the house for too much of the day, but as soon as we take her outside or to visit someone or run an errand, she is all smiles. Because she's such a social butterfly, she does not sleep well when we're on the go. This is such a change for me since Caedmon would sleep anywhere. Libby may fall asleep in the car but as soon as I turn off the engine, her eyes are wide open and she's looking to see what will happen next.

Despite her inability to sleep in public places, she is a great sleeper! She has a fairly well-established nap routine - taking a short nap in the morning and a solid 2 to 3 hour nap each afternoon. She also has a very predictable nighttime routine. Once the 5 o'clock hour hits, she is winding down and by 6 o'clock she is ready to sleep. I usually nurse her again before we go to bed and then she will sleep anywhere from 8 to 10 hours. It is such a blessing to me that both of my kids are good sleepers, because I LOVE my sleep, too!

In the past month, we noticed that our little lady has shown more and more interest in food and eating. Whenever anyone is eating something, she watches intently, tracking the route of the food from our hand or fork to our mouth, all the while her little tongue wiggling in her mouth. Last week, we decided to let her try some rice cereal. The first two attempts were rather futile as I think she swallowed once on each attempt. However, by the third day she had it figured out and now eats quite a bit. She has tried rice cereal, oatmeal cereal and just today we moved on to avocado, which was, by far, her favorite!

Libby is also quite active. She has been rolling over for quite some time and for at least a month now, has realized that it's quite a great means of mobility. She rolls all around the living room and even seems to pick a destination sometimes (i.e., a toy that she'd like to look at). She's also showing more and more interest in toys. She loves to chew on things or to figure out how to make them make noise. Her favorite things are the exersaucer and her play mat. Occasionally, she'll go after one of Caedmon's toys that's lying around as well.

She loves her big brother. Caedmon is the height of entertainment for her. She watches him and laughs at him. He loves her too. In fact, sometimes he wants to love a little too much. He smothers her with kisses and wants to touch her all the time. She's starting to figure out how to push his hand away when she's had enough.

We're trying to train our little girl to be the traveler that her big brother is. She has now been to Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Greece and most recently, Seattle. In Seattle, she got her first snow experience. Of course, she had no idea that it was such an event but she looked awfully cute all bundled up!

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