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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008

As usual, our year was full! Last Christmas, we surprised our families by making a road trip and showing up on their doorsteps to celebrate. This year, we had plenty of visitors. Lynette’s family made several visits and Tom’s mom came every other month helping and teaching Caedmon more of the Chinese language. All the grandparents were here to celebrate Caedmon's 2nd birthday and then returned a few weeks later to celebrate the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Libby. Life has certainly changed as we now juggle the responsibilities and blessings that come from having two little ones in the house.

We resumed our travels in October, relaxing on the seashores of Kauai. This time Tom’s mom came with us and it was truly a blessing to have an extra pair of hands… and also to share the joy of her first real vacation. In November we celebrated Lynette’s Gram’s 90th birthday in Pennsylvania, and also visited with lots of family and friends. Tom’s Grandma also turned 90 the same month. We are so thankful for the blessing of their long lives! In December, Lynette’s dad joined us as we explored the ancient archeological sites of Athens, Greece… Opa! Lastly, our travels concluded with a visit to Tom’s good friends in the Pacific Northwest.

When we’re not on one of our adventures, life is fairly routine. Tom continues to keep busy with his medical practice. Lynette balances daily life with two children under the age of 3. She is active in a local Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS) group. Caedmon continues to take swimming lessons and his skills have improved a lot over the year – he is now swimming the length of the pool underwater! This year he also took music class and is in a mommy-led art group with some of his toddler friends. Libby tags along to all of Caedmon's activities, but in January, she’ll start her own swimming lessons.

Our Christmas tree was put up in early November due to travel plans. Thus, Caedmon has been asking about Christmas from early on. It’s hard to believe that last year he was just speaking his first sentence, because this year he’s talking in full paragraphs and asking tons of questions. We’ve been trying very hard to point all Christmas queries back to Jesus and the TRUE reason we celebrate. Lynette took the kids to get their pictures taken and the photographer gave Caedmon a Christmas book to use as a prop. When she asked him who was on the page (Santa), he answered Jesus! She asked again and his second try was “God.” While it made us giggle, it also encouraged us that perhaps we are having at least a little success in our teaching. It is a battle that we will continue to fight and prayerfully win…not only for Caedmon and Libby, but also for us. So, as we celebrate this Christmas season, we look back on the year with thankfulness for our growing family and the many things in our lives that remind us of what Jesus has done.

Tom, Lynette, Caedmon & Libby~ Christmas 2008

"...So close your eyes and share the dream. Let everyone on earth believe, the Child was born, the stars shown bright and Love came down at Christmas time..."
~Point Of Grace, "When Love Came Down"~

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