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Friday, November 21, 2008

Photo Shoot

We were supposed to go to the zoo this morning but it was forecasted to be (and actually was) in the 30s so we cancelled. I decided it was a good opportunity to attempt the Portrait Innovations Christmas Photo. What possessed me to think that it would be a good idea, is beyond me right now! I struggled to figure out a time that would work for both kids and finally decided on 10:30 - after Libby's morning nap but enough before lunchtime. In the past, I have always booked my appointments there for first thing in the morning because I had heard horror stories about later appointment times. However, I couldn't see how to make it work any other way. When we arrived (about 5 minutes before our scheduled time), there were still three families in front of us. I knew I was in for a long wait and it would most likely not end well. However, I decided to persevere. Libby was happy and technically did not need to eat until 12:15 or so. Caedmon was excited by the Lego table, the Christmas decorations and the bazillion kids running around. At 11:00, we still had one family in front of us and I was starting to get nervous. Tom called around then to see how it was going and suggested that I leave and reschedule somewhere else, but both kids were doing okay so I decided to hang tough. By 11:15, Libby was starting to fuss. Since she had awakened late this morning, it was getting way too close to nap time. Caedmon was still doing well but he was getting a bit punchy so I knew that the time was running short. At 11:20, I noticed that one of the photo shoot rooms opened up but no one seemed to be making any moves toward inviting us back to get our pictures taken. At this point, I was getting a bit frustrated and really reconsidering Tom's idea of canceling. However, just at the point I was ready to call it quits, the photographer came to get us. Caedmon was really excited to have his picture taken. He was very excited about wearing his "big boy vest and new shoes." He especially liked the vest, because I told him that his friends Sarah & Jayne had given it to him. The shoes are actually hand-me downs, but he was feeling very snazzy in them. His excitement for the photo shoot lasted a VERY short time. Libby's tolerance was even less. The first time I went to PI, they took over 90 photos of Caedmon. At his 2-year session, which I thought was difficult, they got 60. Today, 26. Let's just say that my love affair with Portrait Innovations was waning at Caedmon's 2 year old photo shoot and is now completely over. Next time, I will try some place new. Considering the circumstances, I guess they turned out fairly well. Tom has always said we should just try to get the pictures by ourselves...perhaps we'll try again at home. At the very least, next time I will take along some extra hands...


  1. That is stressful. The picture is cute though. I love C's smile and cute outfit. In case misery loves company, I want you to know I have had parallel experiences at Portrait Innovations. I won't be going there again either.

  2. That is a cute shot. I had a similar horrible experience at JC Penney. I guess you get what you pay for.

  3. The photo is cute! At least the photo doesn't show your frustrations...
    We went to JCPenney this week, and we left thinking that we could probably do just as good as a job with photos taken at home. The photographer was fine, but she was way too hyper, and that just shut Silas off. :(


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