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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Talking to Jesus

Tom is working a 24 hour shift today. I don't really mind when he has one of these long days since it almost always means he has the next day off. However, weekends always seem longer than weekdays...especially since everyone else's husband/daddy is home on the weekend so I have to figure out creative friendless ways to entertain my kiddos. Fortunately, my friend's husband was working today, too, so she and her two kids were able to join us on a zoo outing today.

Caedmon LOVES the zoo! He loves the animals and the train! On the way there this morning, he was telling me all of the animals he would like to see. For some reason, he got stuck on the penguins. We rarely make it all the way to see the penguins. We have a yearly membership so we try to get to the zoo often but most of the time we only stay an hour or so and focus on the monkeys, elephants, hippos and other big animals near the zoo entrance. Today, I had decided we would do as much as we could so penguins were added to the list.

After discussing the zoo animals, Caedmon got quiet for a while. Out of the blue, he said, "I love Jesus." Of course, I want to encourage this so I told him that I, too, love Jesus. The dialogue progressed and Caedmon asked if Jesus was with us. I told him that, yes, Jesus is always with us. "Is He in the backseat, mommy?" Not quite sure how to answer that, I affirmed again that Jesus is always with us and began to pray that God will give me wisdom in teaching my 2 year old about Himself and His Son. Thinking the conversation was likely over, I was surprised to hear C-aedmon's small voice chirp again, "I want to talk to Jesus now, mama." Of course, I encouraged him, telling him that Jesus is always listening. Here is a paraphrase of what followed:

"Jesus, we're going to the zoo to see penguins. Pappy was here. We fixed the broken light bulb. I saw the fire trucks last week."

I pray that my boy always feels so comfortable talking to Jesus. I, also, pray that I will be a wise mama in teaching him about our Savior and Lord...and that he will choose to put Jesus in the "front seat" of his life.

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