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Friday, October 3, 2008

Forever Friends

"That's my friend."

Since before Libby was born, we have talked to Caedmon about the blessing of having a sibling. Neither Tom nor I are very close to our own siblings (although my relationship with my sisters has become closer as we've become adults). We really want Caedmon & Libby to have a positive relationship and value each other. I know they will have fights and sibling rivalries but I pray that overall they will love and appreciate each other. One of the things I tell Caedmon is that God has blessed him with Libby and she will be his friend for life. (I used to say his friend forever, but recently he has become very interested in what people are named and he saw a picture of Milla Jovavich's baby, Ever. Now, if I say the word "FOREVER", he says "There's a baby named Ever.") Several times over the past week, Caedmon has expressed his feelings about Libby. Once, he was watching her play and he said, "I love her." Today, we were hanging out on my bed and he put his arm around her and said, "That's my friend."

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