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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cold & Flu Season Strikes

Unfortunately, one of the souvenirs Libby & I brought home from Hawaii was some kind of icky cold. Actually, Caedmon was sick with something similar a week or so before we left and then, Tom came down with it a few days prior to boarding the plane. His mom seemed to share in the wealth although our only clue to that is her cough. A few days before leaving Kauai, the virus seemed to think it was my turn and I started coughing and running a low grade fever. Then, Libby joined in the coughing. No fun! However, we have been blessed with kids that handle sickness really well. Caedmon has always been a trooper. Even when he had a bad case of the flu last winter, he was just a more subdued version of his sweet self. This past illness turned into an ear infection. I almost had to beg the pediatrician to see us because she was convinced that he sounded too happy to have an ear infection. I got in based on the fact that we were getting on a plane in less than a week...and sure enough, an ear infection it was. Libby, too, has been a very mellow sick baby. She has been sleepier than usual and she's coughing and has icky stuff coming from her eyes, but other than that, she's a happy little girl - smiling, cooing and practicing her newly mastered skill of rolling from back to belly. How is it that kids can be so unfazed by sickness? The adults in the family do not do as well. Tom calls his response to illness "cocoon mode." He retreats from the world, puts on every piece of clothing known to man, and tucks deeply under the covers not to reemerge until he feels well again. I, on the other hand, prefer to be pampered. My mode of recovery would be to get into my comfiest clothes, sit on the couch watching movies or mindless TV, napping as the mood strikes, while someone brings me hot tea and other get well goodies. Of course, as a mommy, this is not reality so instead I catch a nap when I can and pretend to feel okay while griping in my mind about how lousy I really feel. I guess Tom & I could take lessons from our children. I am sure that how they handle illness is only one of the many things we will learn from them.

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  1. Yeah, I think Charlie handled his cold much better than I'm handling mine! We're almost on the mend, so hopefully we can get together soon!


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