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Friday, May 30, 2008

Chinese Names???

What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet... William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” ~1595

Since I (Tom) was able to get rid of my Chinese name when I, as a child, became a naturalized citizen, isn’t it strange that my mom decided to come up with Chinese ones for Lynette & Caedmon??? My mom apparently had been thinking about it. She tried to come up with Chinese characters that were close in phonetic pronunciation to their American names. This is what she came up with...

Lynette’s name : 張 麗 蓮

Zhāng - stretch, extend, expand

Lì - beautiful

Lián - lotus flower

Caedmon’s name : 張 凱 明

Zhāng - stretch, extend, expand

Kǎi - victory

Míng - bright

That brings me to the name that I, Tom, gave up : 張 逸 平

Zhāng - stretch, extend, expand

Yì - flee, escape, break loose

Píng - flat, level, even, peaceful

Recently (without going into details) I asked my parents what the name meant. They told me that it meant “peace” without giving any further deeper meaning. However, in looking up the meanings of the individual characters, I’d like to think that there was a hope expressed perhaps subconsciously by them. Embodied in me, for our family name to continue to 1) stretch, extend, expand (beyond our natural Taiwanese boundaries)... through my rebellious, non-conforming nature (at times to my detriment) to 2) flee, escape, break loose (from the norm and what was expected)... only made possible through internal stability by being 3) flat, level, even, peaceful. Psychologically, it opens a window to my very nature as I reflect upon the various choices and paths taken in my life. However, I find it relevant that my parents only chose to tell me that my given name meant “peace”. Perhaps in their eyes, the struggle in my life to stretch, extend, expand, flee, escape, break loose was and not what they felt necessary for me... perhaps all they ultimately wished for me was to be flat, level, even, peaceful... and find happiness, interesting, eh?

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