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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Libby is smiling...and cooing and gurgling.  Tom & I are finally feeling like we are seeing light at the end of the long tunnel that is the first 3 months with a newborn.  We're still exhausted.  There are still days when we cannot figure out what our sweet girl wants and so she does not seem so sweet.  However, overall things are on the upswing.  And we have plenty to be thankful for:

1. Libby's happy times.  It is so fun to see her smile and interact and realize that there is a personality in there...and a mighty big one at that.

2. Crawling into bed at 9 pm, knowing that  both kids had been sleeping for at least an hour...and that we would have a few hours of sleep ourselves.

3. My Hotsling and muslin swaddle blankets - at the times when nothing else will soothe her, Libby loves to be swaddled up carried in the sling.

4. Family visits - no one lives close but we have had frequent visits that have been such a blessing.  Caedmon especially wins as he has someone's undivided attention for the majority of the visits.

5. Being settled in our house....as rough as these first months are, life is calm compared to the whirlwind Caedmon's first months of life were.

6. Nap time!  Whether one child is down or both, it is a break in my day.  No, I don't always get a nap but it is restful even to be able to focus on one child instead of dividing my attention between two.

7.  Libby is growing healthy and happy.  It is such a blessing to this breastfeeding mom to see that my little one is growing plump.

8.  Caedmon loves his baby sister.  I sometimes get annoyed by all of the kisses and hugs he gives her (especially when I am trying to nurse) but it is such a blessing to know that he loves his sister!

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