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Friday, September 12, 2008


My last two posts did not seem so uplifting. The lack of sleep is definitely taking its toll. However, lest you get the impression that life around here is never fun or sweet, I wanted to share about the sweet faith of a child.

We have always prayed with Caedmon before meals and at bedtime and have waited with anticipation for the day he would start to take part in those prayers. I should have documented exactly when it started but in the past few months, Caedmon has developed an independent streak...the typical 2 year old "I do it myself" and prayer is one of those things that he wants to do by himself. He used to want to hold our hands and do a "big pray," but lately he wants to fold his hands and do it ALL by himself.

His prayers always start "Thank you for Jesus for..." and then he will pray for various things. Often we need to help him but lately he is getting quite prolific. Here are some of our favorites:
  • Thank you for Jesus for my fork, my plate, my rice, spinach, chicken...
  • Thank you for Jesus for the food that mommy made.
  • Thank you for Jesus for mommy, daddy, baby Libby, Aunt Heather who loves me.
  • Thank you for Jesus for my friends for J and T who build things with me with my tools.
  • Thank you for Jesus for my big boy bed.
As you can see, he is quite into saying thank you. We also frequently remind him to ask Jesus to help him to "listen & obey" and to "be nice". We're still working on the habit of prayer with our growing boy, but it is fun to see him begin to talk to Jesus.

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