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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ishkabibble Babble

"Ishkabibble, dum dum, where are you?"

Caedmon was running around the house yelling these words yesterday. I asked him who he was looking for and he replied, "Pappy says ishkabibble." It's true, ishkabibble is a nonsense word that my dad likes to use (I don't know where "dum dum" came from but like ishkabibble, I think it is a nonsense word to Caedmon). I started this post not knowing what it means but decided I should google it just in case it really does have a meaning...Lo & behold it does. Who'd have thought? According to World Wide Words, it means "I should worry" or more aptly, "Who cares?" or "Who should worry?" So I started this post as a hodgepodge of this week's activities thinking that ishkabibble sounded like a word that could mean something like hodgepodge...I guess it still fits since most of our activities are trivial and probably fall under the "who cares?" category.

My parents (aka, Pappy & Memama) were here this week. Their visit was too short. They flew in on Tuesday afternoon and left Friday morning. I had a list of things that I wanted us to do together and of course there just wasn't enough time. It's funny...when we lived in the city in our 3 bedroom home with just one shower, a 2 or 3 day visit from our parents was more than long enough. Now that we're in a much larger space with 2 grandkids for them to entertain, visits have lengthened and still often don't seem long enough. Tom's mom's next visit will be 3 weeks long! (okay...for me that will be PLENTY long enough)

Anyway, back to our week together...My parents were last here in July. In L-ibby's short life that means she is 3 x older (less than 1 month versus 3 months). She's changed a lot...and they enjoyed her so much. Of course, she made certain parts of the visit less than enjoyable as she screamed her way through the 3 month growth spurt. It was a blessing to have them here to help comfort her and entertain Caedmon through that.

Caedmon lives life anticipating the next visit from one of his grandparents.  He adores his Pappy...and Pappy adores him. They are quite the team. To him, Pappy is part playmate and part fix-it man (we always have a to-do list for my dad when he comes. He likes to putter and we always have plenty of puttering that needs to be done). As soon as my parents got into the car at the airport, Caedmon informed my dad that there was a "broken" light bulb that would need attending. Dad wasn't in our house for more than 5 minutes before replacing it thanks to Caedmon's enthusiasm for the project. Caedmon is a bit obsessed with tools of late. Good thing Pappy brought him his very own tool belt and a few new tools.

Caedmon spent a lot of time outside while the grandparents were here. He loved this! It is hard for me to supervise him outside while caring for L-girl so our outdoor time is limited. When I asked him about his favorite part of the visit, he said, "I made berry soup for Memama." He had a grand time putting stones and berries in a pail of water. Isn't it amazing how little it takes to entertain a 2 year old?

We also spent Thursday morning in Grapevine, Texas, which is known for it's railroad and quaint downtown Main Street. My dad loves trains and so does Caedmon. Caedmon thoroughly enjoyed being able to see a train up close and climb around on a caboose. If only he was able to ride it...

We had fantastic visit with Pappy & Memama and look forward to seeing them again in November when we head to their neck of the woods. Unfortunately, they left town before they could join us for some fun on Saturday. A local fire department held an open house on Saturday. We drive past the Fire House several times a week and Caedmon is always on the lookout for the Fire Engines. He has asked several times if he could see them up close...so imagine his delight when he not only got to see Fire trucks but also a helicopter! Here are some pictures:



So that sums up the events of our week.  And for the record, I did ask Caedmon his favorite part of having Pappy here. His reply, "Pappy loves me."

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