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Thursday, September 11, 2008


The question of the season has been "What is the hardest thing about having two children?"  I always hesitate in my answer, trying to convince myself (and maybe others, too) that life as a mom of 2 is really not that hard.  I truly do feel like I am adjusting and while it is hard, it's not impossible.  However,  I don't know why I can't answer more quickly because, while there are multiple things that are challenging, I do know what is the MOST DIFFICULT.  It is most definitely the whole issue of SLEEP.  Yes, I know I have posted on the struggles of sleep (or lack there of) already, but it truly seems to be the most consistent theme in my life currently...As I type, I have Libby in the sling as a last ditch effort to get some amount of solid sleep for her today.  The thing is, I would also like to be sleeping.  However, my attempt to nurse her to sleep while lying in bed failed miserably.  I was having no trouble dozing off but then I would hear her gurgling and cooing and enjoying the world.  Apparently, she has decide that she does not need to sleep today.  Her brother tried to convince me of the same thing.  After multiple crying spells and disobedient ventures (lunch was thrown on the floor, milk spilled...all on purpose!), I got him into his bed for a nap.  Minutes later, I hear, "I all done sleeping.  Let's play now."  When that one didn't work, the next attempt was "I need to pee on the potty" (mind you, we are not really potty training and the only time we hear that sentence in this house is when it is time to sleep - hmm...can you say, excellent stall technique...and yes, we did fall for it for several days but have recently decided to call it what it is and ignore the request).  Funny thing is after yelling about the potty repeatedly and VERY loudly for 5 minutes, silence ensued.  Apparently, someone other than me was sleepy.  Why is it that when we are young we try to avoid sleep at all costs and when we are old, we look for any opportunity to sleep but can't find it!?!  So, being someone who loves her sleep, the lack of it is definitely my biggest challenge as a mom of 2.

And for the record, Libby has also proved herself wrong.  She's snoring away as I type!  Alas, is there any chance this tired mommy might get some shut eye, too???

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  1. That is a challenge with 2 for sure. Katherine wants to give up her nap every day and it takes forever to get her down. Then she sleeps for 2 hours so I know she needs it. As the momit is hard because they don't sleep at the same time.


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