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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Weather and Fun Walks

We've been blessed with some unseasonably cool mornings this week. For the past several days, the morning temps have been in the mid 50s to low 60s. What a blessing after so many months of summer! I even had to go shopping for hoody sweatshirts for both kids. I thought we could get away with last year's for Caedmon, but the sleeves were several inches too short.

Twice this week, I've loaded the kids into our double stroller and headed for a walk and playtime at the park. I really need to make this a daily activity as it is good for all three of us. I need the exercise, Caedmon LOVES the exercise, and Libbyl needs to learn to be content in the stroller (she currently loves it for about half the trip and then expresses her dislike...or boredom). We're really blessed to have a beautiful park within walking distance of our house. It has a nice playground, a pond complete with ducks and fishing, and great walking trails. I need to frequent the walking trails more, but for now the 1/4 mile walk to and from the park and the little jaunt around the pond is enough for the 3 of us. On Tuesday, Caedmon was disappointed that there were no other kids at the playground. "Where are all my friends?" I guess we're early birds, but honestly, I didn't think that 9:15 was THAT early. Alas, kids finally started showing up as we were thinking about leaving (9:40ish).

Caedmon made friends with a 3 year old boy named Jimmy. He made sure to find out "What's he called?" and then promptly reminded me that I should introduce myself to Jimmy's mom with whom I was making small talk. It turns out Jimmy's mom was a child psychologist and since she shared her observation of Caedmon, I asked her about his church nursery separation issues. She gave me some good ideas and assured me that Caedmon seems to be well-adjusted in every other aspect so it's nothing to worry about. I'm processing how to put some of her ideas into practice and hoping that my days of nursery meltdowns are nearing an end...at least with Caedmon. I'm sure Libby will be starting up before long!

Unfortunately, the really cool mornings look to be ending temporarily. By the time my parents arrive next week, the morning temps will be back up in the low 70s. Still, the cool weather was a nice break and a promise of what is to come. So, while it is sad that swim season has most likely ended, we're excited for the Texas cool season to come upon us. Tom always reminds me that it is the true benefit of living in the south...

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  1. Thanks for the good reminder of the GOOD aspects of cooler weather. We've had cooler weather, too, but more like upper 40s and lower 50s (during the days). It doesn't give me the motivation to get out and go to a park, but it should. :)


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