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Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Did That Come From My Nose?"

Let it be said that children can be a source of great amusement... (and potentially great embarrassment!) Today was the day that Lynette had agreed for our home to be used to host a Girl's Movie/Pizza Night in celebration of her friend's birthday. It was a full weekend of activities for Lynette (which began yesterday with her attending a wedding shower in the morning with Libby, and later on that afternoon a birthday party for one of her friend's daughters from MOPS with Caedmon). I had the entire weekend off from work for a change and was hoping to be more of a help to her, but for some strange reason I woke up yesterday, Saturday morning, without any energy at all. I had attributed it to the fact that we had ran out of our regular coffee and I had to use a leftover bag of pre-ground Dunkin' Donuts coffee that Lynette's dad had brought on an earlier visit. Personally, Dunkin' Donuts coffee to me has always tasted fairly weak and I had forgotten that I had to use almost twice the normal amount to increase the caffeine content. Anyhow, I never was able to get up and going, and Caedmon was denied one of his favorite tasks for his daddy... grinding coffee beans. But back to my original point, as I see that I am digressing from my tale... Caedmon began today, Sunday, by awakening at 4AM and declaring he was done sleeping. Despite my best efforts, he was not going to give Lynette & I the Sunday morning we had envisioned. Our morning began early and soon L-girl was up as well and had quickly joined ranks with Caedmon. Of course a few hours later, Caedmon was done. His lack of sleep had made him cranky and whiny. He had already gotten into trouble several times and the slightest thing seemed to set him off and trigger another bout of crying. So he was whisked off upstairs to his room for an early nap at 830AM. Lynette had warned me that this would be the end of our day, since he would most likely NOT take his usual afternoon nap... and she was right. So we spent the day running errands and dealing with 2 cranky kids. Anyway, since the movie night celebration was to be at our house, I decided it was finally time to replace our 32 inch cathode ray television which I bought when I was in residency (a LONG LONG time ago - 15 years ago!). Well, the TV we decided on from Costco was still not quite as large as I wanted, but it was the best they had and we only had a few hours remaining till the party... so the 52 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV was purchased and barely squeezed into our SUV beside C-boy's and L-girl's carseats (even after throwing away part of the box it came in to make it fit). After getting home and seeing that Caedmon had eaten lunch, the process of unpacking the TV began. It was only after assembling the stand and screwing the screen into it, that I realized the remote control was missing. I could not complete the programming of the TV without it. Fortunately, I called the store and they were willing to give us the remote control from their demo TV. All I had to do was to drive back and go directly to the Returns Desk and it would be there waiting. So meanwhile, I had been trying to trick Caedmon into taking his afternoon nap... suffice to say, it wasn't working. I marched upstairs and released him from his sentence and the 2 of us were off back to Costco, leaving Lynette behind to try to get some rest even though Libby was being quite fussy as the garage door shut behind us. We arrived at Costco and headed for the Returns Desk. After waiting for our turn, with Caedmon in my arms, we approached the counter. The woman at the counter remarked at what a cute child Caedmon was. She turned away to retrieve the remote control and as I opened my mouth to thank her, Caedmon reached out with his index finger pointed at her and to my shock, a huge multi-colored booger rested on the tip of his finger!!! I didn't quite know what it was at first (it looked to me like a small escargot), but I grabbed it with my free hand before she could see it. The stickiness and squishyness of it only confirmed in my mind what a horrible situation I had just averted! I shoved the booger hand into my pants pocket. I had Caedmon in my other arm, also which was holding onto the original receipt for the woman to check. He proudly asked (or was it that he was proudly announcing), "Did That Come From My Nose?!?", as she turned back to face us holding out an envelope which held the remote control. I promptly ignored the question. Thoughts of wiping the booger onto the receipt or of asking the returns woman for a tissue or piece of paper flashed through my mind, but they were shot down immediately as my next thought was that if I did ask, she would know that my "cute" son had almost just shoved a huge gross booger at her!!! Somehow I managed to take from her the envelope without dropping Caedmon and revealing the treasure he had so recently dug out. We made our way for the exit as Caedmon continued to proudly announce all the way out..., "Did That Come From My Nose?!?", "Did That Come From My Nose?!?", "Did That Come From My Nose?!?"

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