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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ishkabibble Babble

"Ishkabibble, dum dum, where are you?"

Caedmon was running around the house yelling these words yesterday. I asked him who he was looking for and he replied, "Pappy says ishkabibble." It's true, ishkabibble is a nonsense word that my dad likes to use (I don't know where "dum dum" came from but like ishkabibble, I think it is a nonsense word to Caedmon). I started this post not knowing what it means but decided I should google it just in case it really does have a meaning...Lo & behold it does. Who'd have thought? According to World Wide Words, it means "I should worry" or more aptly, "Who cares?" or "Who should worry?" So I started this post as a hodgepodge of this week's activities thinking that ishkabibble sounded like a word that could mean something like hodgepodge...I guess it still fits since most of our activities are trivial and probably fall under the "who cares?" category.

My parents (aka, Pappy & Memama) were here this week. Their visit was too short. They flew in on Tuesday afternoon and left Friday morning. I had a list of things that I wanted us to do together and of course there just wasn't enough time. It's funny...when we lived in the city in our 3 bedroom home with just one shower, a 2 or 3 day visit from our parents was more than long enough. Now that we're in a much larger space with 2 grandkids for them to entertain, visits have lengthened and still often don't seem long enough. Tom's mom's next visit will be 3 weeks long! (okay...for me that will be PLENTY long enough)

Anyway, back to our week together...My parents were last here in July. In L-ibby's short life that means she is 3 x older (less than 1 month versus 3 months). She's changed a lot...and they enjoyed her so much. Of course, she made certain parts of the visit less than enjoyable as she screamed her way through the 3 month growth spurt. It was a blessing to have them here to help comfort her and entertain Caedmon through that.

Caedmon lives life anticipating the next visit from one of his grandparents.  He adores his Pappy...and Pappy adores him. They are quite the team. To him, Pappy is part playmate and part fix-it man (we always have a to-do list for my dad when he comes. He likes to putter and we always have plenty of puttering that needs to be done). As soon as my parents got into the car at the airport, Caedmon informed my dad that there was a "broken" light bulb that would need attending. Dad wasn't in our house for more than 5 minutes before replacing it thanks to Caedmon's enthusiasm for the project. Caedmon is a bit obsessed with tools of late. Good thing Pappy brought him his very own tool belt and a few new tools.

Caedmon spent a lot of time outside while the grandparents were here. He loved this! It is hard for me to supervise him outside while caring for L-girl so our outdoor time is limited. When I asked him about his favorite part of the visit, he said, "I made berry soup for Memama." He had a grand time putting stones and berries in a pail of water. Isn't it amazing how little it takes to entertain a 2 year old?

We also spent Thursday morning in Grapevine, Texas, which is known for it's railroad and quaint downtown Main Street. My dad loves trains and so does Caedmon. Caedmon thoroughly enjoyed being able to see a train up close and climb around on a caboose. If only he was able to ride it...

We had fantastic visit with Pappy & Memama and look forward to seeing them again in November when we head to their neck of the woods. Unfortunately, they left town before they could join us for some fun on Saturday. A local fire department held an open house on Saturday. We drive past the Fire House several times a week and Caedmon is always on the lookout for the Fire Engines. He has asked several times if he could see them up close...so imagine his delight when he not only got to see Fire trucks but also a helicopter! Here are some pictures:



So that sums up the events of our week.  And for the record, I did ask Caedmon his favorite part of having Pappy here. His reply, "Pappy loves me."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tricycling to the Airport

Caedmon: "I done with breakfast, mommy. I ride my tricycle."
Me: "Where are you riding to, Caedmon?"
C-aedmon: "The airport."
Me: "What are you going to do there?"
Caaedmon: "Get Memama and Pappy."
Me: "They aren't coming until Tuesday...but then again, perhaps it will take you that long to get there on your tricycle!"

Out of the mouths of babes...Tom and I have been highly amused lately by the daily conversations we have with a 2 year old. Typing them really doesn't do justice. I wish I could have them all recorded.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Weather and Fun Walks

We've been blessed with some unseasonably cool mornings this week. For the past several days, the morning temps have been in the mid 50s to low 60s. What a blessing after so many months of summer! I even had to go shopping for hoody sweatshirts for both kids. I thought we could get away with last year's for Caedmon, but the sleeves were several inches too short.

Twice this week, I've loaded the kids into our double stroller and headed for a walk and playtime at the park. I really need to make this a daily activity as it is good for all three of us. I need the exercise, Caedmon LOVES the exercise, and Libbyl needs to learn to be content in the stroller (she currently loves it for about half the trip and then expresses her dislike...or boredom). We're really blessed to have a beautiful park within walking distance of our house. It has a nice playground, a pond complete with ducks and fishing, and great walking trails. I need to frequent the walking trails more, but for now the 1/4 mile walk to and from the park and the little jaunt around the pond is enough for the 3 of us. On Tuesday, Caedmon was disappointed that there were no other kids at the playground. "Where are all my friends?" I guess we're early birds, but honestly, I didn't think that 9:15 was THAT early. Alas, kids finally started showing up as we were thinking about leaving (9:40ish).

Caedmon made friends with a 3 year old boy named Jimmy. He made sure to find out "What's he called?" and then promptly reminded me that I should introduce myself to Jimmy's mom with whom I was making small talk. It turns out Jimmy's mom was a child psychologist and since she shared her observation of Caedmon, I asked her about his church nursery separation issues. She gave me some good ideas and assured me that Caedmon seems to be well-adjusted in every other aspect so it's nothing to worry about. I'm processing how to put some of her ideas into practice and hoping that my days of nursery meltdowns are nearing an end...at least with Caedmon. I'm sure Libby will be starting up before long!

Unfortunately, the really cool mornings look to be ending temporarily. By the time my parents arrive next week, the morning temps will be back up in the low 70s. Still, the cool weather was a nice break and a promise of what is to come. So, while it is sad that swim season has most likely ended, we're excited for the Texas cool season to come upon us. Tom always reminds me that it is the true benefit of living in the south...

Friday, September 12, 2008


My last two posts did not seem so uplifting. The lack of sleep is definitely taking its toll. However, lest you get the impression that life around here is never fun or sweet, I wanted to share about the sweet faith of a child.

We have always prayed with Caedmon before meals and at bedtime and have waited with anticipation for the day he would start to take part in those prayers. I should have documented exactly when it started but in the past few months, Caedmon has developed an independent streak...the typical 2 year old "I do it myself" and prayer is one of those things that he wants to do by himself. He used to want to hold our hands and do a "big pray," but lately he wants to fold his hands and do it ALL by himself.

His prayers always start "Thank you for Jesus for..." and then he will pray for various things. Often we need to help him but lately he is getting quite prolific. Here are some of our favorites:
  • Thank you for Jesus for my fork, my plate, my rice, spinach, chicken...
  • Thank you for Jesus for the food that mommy made.
  • Thank you for Jesus for mommy, daddy, baby Libby, Aunt Heather who loves me.
  • Thank you for Jesus for my friends for J and T who build things with me with my tools.
  • Thank you for Jesus for my big boy bed.
As you can see, he is quite into saying thank you. We also frequently remind him to ask Jesus to help him to "listen & obey" and to "be nice". We're still working on the habit of prayer with our growing boy, but it is fun to see him begin to talk to Jesus.

I Think I'll Move to Australia...

It has been a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day..." and it's only 10:20 am.

I was awakened at 12:00 am, 2:30 am, and 4:00 am and 5:30 am, I banged my toe on the bed and then Caedmon stepped on it. It is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

We had MOPS this morning and Caedmon went into the nursery just fine. However, 20 minutes later the nursery worker came to tell me that he was crying inconsolably. I took him into the meeting with me and 5 minutes later he had a melt down in there, too. It is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I had to leave MOPS early because I couldn't get him to settle down and I'm the table co-leader. Great example to set, huh?! Oh...and now I think my toe may be broken. It is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Caedmon fell asleep 3 minutes into the ride home. Good, you say...not so much. Now he'll be awake from his nap in an hour or so and will not take another one. It's going to be a looooooong afternoon! And Tom is working a 24 hour shift tomorrow so I don't even have the weekend to look forward to. It is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I think I'll move to Australia.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


The question of the season has been "What is the hardest thing about having two children?"  I always hesitate in my answer, trying to convince myself (and maybe others, too) that life as a mom of 2 is really not that hard.  I truly do feel like I am adjusting and while it is hard, it's not impossible.  However,  I don't know why I can't answer more quickly because, while there are multiple things that are challenging, I do know what is the MOST DIFFICULT.  It is most definitely the whole issue of SLEEP.  Yes, I know I have posted on the struggles of sleep (or lack there of) already, but it truly seems to be the most consistent theme in my life currently...As I type, I have Libby in the sling as a last ditch effort to get some amount of solid sleep for her today.  The thing is, I would also like to be sleeping.  However, my attempt to nurse her to sleep while lying in bed failed miserably.  I was having no trouble dozing off but then I would hear her gurgling and cooing and enjoying the world.  Apparently, she has decide that she does not need to sleep today.  Her brother tried to convince me of the same thing.  After multiple crying spells and disobedient ventures (lunch was thrown on the floor, milk spilled...all on purpose!), I got him into his bed for a nap.  Minutes later, I hear, "I all done sleeping.  Let's play now."  When that one didn't work, the next attempt was "I need to pee on the potty" (mind you, we are not really potty training and the only time we hear that sentence in this house is when it is time to sleep - hmm...can you say, excellent stall technique...and yes, we did fall for it for several days but have recently decided to call it what it is and ignore the request).  Funny thing is after yelling about the potty repeatedly and VERY loudly for 5 minutes, silence ensued.  Apparently, someone other than me was sleepy.  Why is it that when we are young we try to avoid sleep at all costs and when we are old, we look for any opportunity to sleep but can't find it!?!  So, being someone who loves her sleep, the lack of it is definitely my biggest challenge as a mom of 2.

And for the record, Libby has also proved herself wrong.  She's snoring away as I type!  Alas, is there any chance this tired mommy might get some shut eye, too???

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Did That Come From My Nose?"

Let it be said that children can be a source of great amusement... (and potentially great embarrassment!) Today was the day that Lynette had agreed for our home to be used to host a Girl's Movie/Pizza Night in celebration of her friend's birthday. It was a full weekend of activities for Lynette (which began yesterday with her attending a wedding shower in the morning with Libby, and later on that afternoon a birthday party for one of her friend's daughters from MOPS with Caedmon). I had the entire weekend off from work for a change and was hoping to be more of a help to her, but for some strange reason I woke up yesterday, Saturday morning, without any energy at all. I had attributed it to the fact that we had ran out of our regular coffee and I had to use a leftover bag of pre-ground Dunkin' Donuts coffee that Lynette's dad had brought on an earlier visit. Personally, Dunkin' Donuts coffee to me has always tasted fairly weak and I had forgotten that I had to use almost twice the normal amount to increase the caffeine content. Anyhow, I never was able to get up and going, and Caedmon was denied one of his favorite tasks for his daddy... grinding coffee beans. But back to my original point, as I see that I am digressing from my tale... Caedmon began today, Sunday, by awakening at 4AM and declaring he was done sleeping. Despite my best efforts, he was not going to give Lynette & I the Sunday morning we had envisioned. Our morning began early and soon L-girl was up as well and had quickly joined ranks with Caedmon. Of course a few hours later, Caedmon was done. His lack of sleep had made him cranky and whiny. He had already gotten into trouble several times and the slightest thing seemed to set him off and trigger another bout of crying. So he was whisked off upstairs to his room for an early nap at 830AM. Lynette had warned me that this would be the end of our day, since he would most likely NOT take his usual afternoon nap... and she was right. So we spent the day running errands and dealing with 2 cranky kids. Anyway, since the movie night celebration was to be at our house, I decided it was finally time to replace our 32 inch cathode ray television which I bought when I was in residency (a LONG LONG time ago - 15 years ago!). Well, the TV we decided on from Costco was still not quite as large as I wanted, but it was the best they had and we only had a few hours remaining till the party... so the 52 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV was purchased and barely squeezed into our SUV beside C-boy's and L-girl's carseats (even after throwing away part of the box it came in to make it fit). After getting home and seeing that Caedmon had eaten lunch, the process of unpacking the TV began. It was only after assembling the stand and screwing the screen into it, that I realized the remote control was missing. I could not complete the programming of the TV without it. Fortunately, I called the store and they were willing to give us the remote control from their demo TV. All I had to do was to drive back and go directly to the Returns Desk and it would be there waiting. So meanwhile, I had been trying to trick Caedmon into taking his afternoon nap... suffice to say, it wasn't working. I marched upstairs and released him from his sentence and the 2 of us were off back to Costco, leaving Lynette behind to try to get some rest even though Libby was being quite fussy as the garage door shut behind us. We arrived at Costco and headed for the Returns Desk. After waiting for our turn, with Caedmon in my arms, we approached the counter. The woman at the counter remarked at what a cute child Caedmon was. She turned away to retrieve the remote control and as I opened my mouth to thank her, Caedmon reached out with his index finger pointed at her and to my shock, a huge multi-colored booger rested on the tip of his finger!!! I didn't quite know what it was at first (it looked to me like a small escargot), but I grabbed it with my free hand before she could see it. The stickiness and squishyness of it only confirmed in my mind what a horrible situation I had just averted! I shoved the booger hand into my pants pocket. I had Caedmon in my other arm, also which was holding onto the original receipt for the woman to check. He proudly asked (or was it that he was proudly announcing), "Did That Come From My Nose?!?", as she turned back to face us holding out an envelope which held the remote control. I promptly ignored the question. Thoughts of wiping the booger onto the receipt or of asking the returns woman for a tissue or piece of paper flashed through my mind, but they were shot down immediately as my next thought was that if I did ask, she would know that my "cute" son had almost just shoved a huge gross booger at her!!! Somehow I managed to take from her the envelope without dropping Caedmon and revealing the treasure he had so recently dug out. We made our way for the exit as Caedmon continued to proudly announce all the way out..., "Did That Come From My Nose?!?", "Did That Come From My Nose?!?", "Did That Come From My Nose?!?"

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Libby is smiling...and cooing and gurgling.  Tom & I are finally feeling like we are seeing light at the end of the long tunnel that is the first 3 months with a newborn.  We're still exhausted.  There are still days when we cannot figure out what our sweet girl wants and so she does not seem so sweet.  However, overall things are on the upswing.  And we have plenty to be thankful for:

1. Libby's happy times.  It is so fun to see her smile and interact and realize that there is a personality in there...and a mighty big one at that.

2. Crawling into bed at 9 pm, knowing that  both kids had been sleeping for at least an hour...and that we would have a few hours of sleep ourselves.

3. My Hotsling and muslin swaddle blankets - at the times when nothing else will soothe her, Libby loves to be swaddled up carried in the sling.

4. Family visits - no one lives close but we have had frequent visits that have been such a blessing.  Caedmon especially wins as he has someone's undivided attention for the majority of the visits.

5. Being settled in our house....as rough as these first months are, life is calm compared to the whirlwind Caedmon's first months of life were.

6. Nap time!  Whether one child is down or both, it is a break in my day.  No, I don't always get a nap but it is restful even to be able to focus on one child instead of dividing my attention between two.

7.  Libby is growing healthy and happy.  It is such a blessing to this breastfeeding mom to see that my little one is growing plump.

8.  Caedmon loves his baby sister.  I sometimes get annoyed by all of the kisses and hugs he gives her (especially when I am trying to nurse) but it is such a blessing to know that he loves his sister!
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