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Friday, August 22, 2008

"I Swim Like Michael Phelps"

Future Olympic Gold???

Caedmon has been taking swim lessons since he was 6 and 1/2 months old. Tom really wanted him to learn to swim early since Tom has never been a strong swimmer. Thus, we searched out swim classes almost as soon as Caedmon was born and found that 6 months is the earliest starting time for most programs. In November 2006, Caedmon and I began our weekly treks to Emler Swim School. Until June of this year, I had to suit up and join Caedmon in the water. Kudos to Emler for having a great program and outstanding teachers.

The teachers had Caedmon swimming under water in no time and by the looks of things, we were going to have a world class swimmer on our hands. It was hard to believe that our 7 month old could swim under water for several seconds at a time. However, things changed after a few months and suddenly, I was dealing with a crying boy for at least part of every class. Over the next year Caedmon had his ups and downs. He would swim great and fully cooperate for a few months and then suddenly, one day he would scream for the entire class. The worst episode was in February of this year. He had been doing amazingly well and suddenly, he started screaming for the entire class. In the past it had only been for parts of the class...namely the part where he had to swim under water with the instructor. However, this particular rough spot consisted of all out sobbing and clinging to me like he was never going to let go. Let me tell you, it was not fun AT ALL! I was fervently praying for it to end and end quickly. Fortunately, it was yet another phase and passed after a few (very long) weeks.

As I already mentioned, in June Caedmon graduated to a class where he doesn't need mommy to swim with him. It was perfect timing since, at that point, I was very pregnant with Libby and shortly, it was going to be difficult enough to juggle two kids let alone factor mommy & me swim class into the mix. In early June, Caedmon was swimming pretty well. He would go under for a few seconds at a time and seemed to enjoy doing it. He used his legs really well but wasn't really moving his arms at all. Tom even encouraged me to sign him up for an additional backyard swim program to see if we could improve his skills.

Fast forward to today and we have a toddler who proclaims, "I swim like Michael Phelps" and proceeds to kick and pull and swim the length of the pool. Wow! Swimming for Caedmon was one of those skills that just came together over night. We were waiting and waiting for some kind of improvement and it seemed like one day he just got really comfortable and started swimming.

This morning we had friends over to swim. I had to run inside the house to get something and I forgot to tell my friend that Caedmon can hold his own. When I got out of the pool, Caedmon was in an inner tube. My friend was still easing her way into the cool water on the opposite side of the pool. Caedmon decided to leave the inner tube to swim but my friend saw trouble. All of the sudden I heard a big splash and I instantly realized that she thought a rescue mission was needed. Caedmon couldn't quite understand what all of the hubbub was about. Yes, he is truly starting to swim like Michael Phelps. Maybe someday he'll bring home gold...

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