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Friday, June 20, 2008

Dear L-girl

Dear Libby,
It is with great anticipation that I await your arrival. When your mommy was pregnant with Caedmon, she was wondering how she would ever raise a boy (since she came from a family of girls). Now she is a pro with Caedmon. However, now I am the one wondering how am I ever going to raise a girl (since all I know is being a boy)! I am so glad that your mommy and I are in this amazing journey of parenthood together because I would be in big trouble without her. In time Caedmon is going to be so happy that he will have a playmate and someone to teach and to protect. You will have big brother to look up to and also to keep him on his toes! Your mommy has dreamed of having a little girl since she was young and now she will have that chance. It is just a short time now... in a few days or so, in God's timing, you will change our lives forever. We will be Tom & Lynette, Plus 2 and we can't wait! Love, Daddy

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