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Monday, May 26, 2008

We’re Having a Baby (#1)!

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward... Psalm 127:3 (NASB)

I (Lynette) always wish that conceiving a child was an easy surprise for us but with both pregnancies, it took a little longer than we expected. Of course, that is all relative and for some people, our experiences sound like a piece of cake. Anyway, when we first thought we were ready to get pregnant, we saw my OB who ran blood work that revealed that I had an undiagnosed, asymptomatic case of hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid. Thus, instead of trying to get pregnant, we immediately had to find a course to treat my condition, which eventually meant waiting almost a year before trying to conceive. While this was disappointing to us, we were so thankful that the hyperthyroidism was discovered prior to symptoms appearing and that I was able to receive excellent medical care to get my body back on track. God knew best and we were able to enjoy a fun year of travel (Japan, Ireland and Scandinavia).

When we were finally able to try to conceive, the process took about 5 months. Each month was an emotional roller coaster for me - 2 weeks of hoping for a viable pregnancy, a day or two of disappointment and then waiting and starting the whole process again. In August 2005, we spent a week in Victoria, British Columbia, with our friends Tom and Maureen. It was a great week of enjoying the beautiful Canadian outdoors and fun time with our friends but it was slightly emotional for me as I awaited another round of disappointing news. Alas, the negative confirmation never came. We arrived home late on Sunday evening and Tom went back to work early the next morning. I decided to take a pregnancy test that morning when I awoke. Imagine my shock and surprise whenit came back positive. I walked around in a stupor all day! I couldn’t wait to tell Tom, but I wanted to share the exciting news with him in person, not on the phone. I made up a little card for him telling him all of the things that I love about him and on the last page I told him what a great daddy he would be. When he walked in the door after work, I handed him the card. We both cried tears of joy! God is good...His timing is always best... I am blessed with easy pregnancies. My only first trimester symptoms are tiredness and occasionally feeling slightly nauseous. We shared our news with our family when we traveled to PA for my 10 year college reunion. I was 9 weeks pregnant.

Both Tom and I enjoyed preparing for the baby’s birth. At the time, we were living in the city in a newly renovated custom home which was originally built in the early 1930’s.

I dove into decorating the nursery and Tom became an expert on all things baby - strollers, cribs, car seats, etc. Initially, I did not want to find out the sex of the baby. I really thought that it was one of the last great surprises in life and was totally prepared to be surprised. Tom reluctantly went along with my plan. He couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to take advantage of the technology that was available but he was willing to let me enjoy my surprise. The sonogram in which we could find out the sex was scheduled for mid-December about 2 weeks before Christmas. I was holding fast to my desire for a surprise and Tom was fine with that. However, one day an idea popped into my head. Tom is notoriously hard to buy presents for. He just isn’t the type to want anything and if he sees something he really wants, he’ll buy it for himself. So back to my idea...with Christmas around the corner, I thought that the best present I could give him would be to surprise him with the gender of the baby. I knew it would be something completely unexpected and something that he would really be excited about. I decided that giving up my surprise to present the perfect present to my husband was definitely worth it. I called my OB and told him my plan, and he and the sonographer worked with me to make it happen. My OB, who happens to be a good friend of Tom’s, called Tom back into his office to chat while I was starting the sonogram. The sonographer made it his first order of business to determine baby’s sex. I had told them that I wanted my surprise to come on Christmas day too so the result was to be placed in a sealed envelope, which I would wrap in a box and place under the tree. Fortunately, baby was cooperative and everything went according to plan. I was full of anticipation for the next two weeks - both anticipation of Tom’s surprise and of knowing what sex our little one was. On Christmas morning, Tom opened his present. When he opened the box and then the envelope, he pulled out a sonogram picture. He commented that he’d already seen the sonogram and handed it to me. Aaagh! I had to tell him to look at it and read it. At that point I was so excited to find out that I couldn’t believe I had to wait another 30 seconds for him to catch on! He was completely surprised when he saw the words “It’s a BOY!” on the sonogram picture.

I don’t know if he was more surprised to find out the sex or that it was boy...apparently he had been thinking we were having a girl. Although I initially didn’t want to know the sex of the baby, I was really excited to know and appreciated the opportunity to prepare to be a mommy to a boy, which for me, having been raised with only sisters and mostly girl cousins, was going to be quite a new experience. To add to the busyness of preparing for baby #1, we somehow also decided to build our own home and bought the lot in February 2006. The last months before baby’s arrival were spent pondering when to begin the building process and put our home up for sale.

When I was 36 weeks pregnant, our OB discovered that the baby had flipped into a transverse position and for 2 weeks we anticipated the possibility of delivering via C-section at 38 weeks.

However, at 38 weeks, baby was back in proper position and we spent the next 2 weeks hoping that I would go into labor. About 3 days after my due date, I was admitted to L&D at Methodist Hospital for an induction...and then the (NOT SO MUCH) fun began ...The day of my induction was fairly uneventful. I think I spent the morning with friends from Bible study for a brunch. I vaguely remember having a conversation about the fact that I would be having a baby within the next day or so. I actually drove myself to the hospital that evening. Tom had to work all day so he hitched a ride to work with a co-worker and I met him at L & D in the early evening. I was admitted to a room (actually a suite with a beautiful view of the skyline...

and if I wasn’t lying in a hospital bed in one of those stylish open-backed gowns, I might have been able to convince myself I was staying at a fine hotel). My OB placed the Cervidil around 8 p.m. and then we settled in to try and get some sleep before the real induction started in 12 hours. It was a long, uncomfortable night and I don’t remember sleeping much, whether that was because of the anticipation or simply the uncomfortable bed, I don’t know...probably both. The next morning, the pitocin was started and my epidural placed. Tom really wanted to place my epidural. However, his partners were not too keen on the idea, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure that I wanted him to do it either. I knew that he would do an excellent job. However, I wanted him to be my husband and to lean on him instead of having him be my doctor at that point. Despite his protests, his partners prevailed and one of them (against Tom’s wishes) placed my epidural. Actually having it placed was not a big deal but my body did not react well and the next several minutes were quite traumatic. All I knew was that I did not feel well. I got a headache and I don’t remember what else but I felt awful! It wasn’t until much later (fairly recently actually) that Tom told me the true severity of the situation - it wasn’t in the correct place and even a small dose of medications made the epidural a life-threatening event. Fortunately, he had prepared for every scenario possible and had the right drugs to correct the situation and get me stabilized. From there, my labor progressed VERY slowly. I was dilated to about 2 cm and didn’t really change for most of the day. I remember experiencing some painful contractions but really it was more uncomfortable than anything. Tom had warned me that an epidural would not relieve all pain so I didn’t think anything of what I was experiencing. I just assumed it was how things were supposed to be. I couldn’t sleep or rest very well so we listened to music or watched TV and the day really seemed to drag on. Late in the afternoon, my doctor broke my water but I still wasn’t dilating much...maybe 2.5 cm. The baby’s heart rate was a little irregular and come early evening, there was talk of a C-Section. By that point, Tom had realized that my first epidural was not working properly. (apparently I have a higher threshold for pain than either of us realized). My doctor and he decided that he should replace the epidural. That way if I did need a C-Section, I would be able to be awake for it. Tom replaced by epidural at about 7 p.m.. It was fantastic! (needless to say, I already have him signed up to be my personal anesthesiologist this time around!) I could finally relax and actually slept a little. Somewhere around 9:30 p.m., they checked me again and found that I had dilated to 10 cm! As they say in Texas, “Yee-haw!”. A few minutes later I was ready to push and by 10:18 p.m. Caedmon Joshua Chang came into the world...all 6 lbs 8 oz of him. His name, Caedmon, means “wise-warrior” in Gaelic. Caedmon was alert from the beginning and made sure he let us know that he was here. It was such an amazing experience to finally hold him and see those feet that had been kicking me for the past 9 months. Tom got it all on video (which will NOT be shown on this blog!!).

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