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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Letter 2007

Dear Family & Friends,

As we write, with joyful thoughts of you, our one regret is that we so infrequently take the initiative to connect with you. So without further ado… our annual Christmas update!

Ashamedly, most of our year was consumed with our house building project. As of last Christmas, we had sold our house, moved into an apartment, and were knee deep in construction. It was an experience mixed with fun and frustration, culminating in a 9 week hotel stay after our apartment lease ran out. However, as of June we were able to move into a mostly completed house. There are still a few more items on the punch list, but we feel settled and extremely grateful to be celebrating Christmas in our beautiful new home (photo card – bottom left).

The other focus of our year was Caedmon and his development from baby to toddler. He turned one in May and we were able to celebrate (dinner in the hotel lobby!) with both sets of grandparents. He is such a reminder of God’s handiwork as we watch him grow and learn about the world around him. It is exhausting but fun trying to keep up with him. He continues to enjoy swim and music classes. He has also become quite a world traveler!

Yes, having a baby did not squelch the travel bug…We visited family and friends in Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Seattle. But, our biggest adventures took us across continents! In June, we along with several co-workers went on a medical mission trip to Peru (photo card – top left). Tom worked in the operating room caring for people who otherwise, did not have the financial means to afford surgery, while Lynette helped in the pharmacy. Caedmon turned out to be a great ambassador to the native Peruvians. We were also able to explore the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu and the city of Cusco. In October, Tom’s parents and we traveled to Taiwan. (photo card – bottom right…Yes, that is a live crocodile…really!) It was a unique opportunity to see Tom’s birthplace and to meet his mother’s family. In retrospect, we gained new appreciation for the sacrifices his family made in immigrating during the early 70’s to provide a better life for their future.

Now we are praying that BABY#2 will be as good a traveler as Caedmon is… Yes, Lynette is due at the end of June! We’re very excited to be expanding our family. And we know that Caedmon will be a fantastic big brother.

Lynette continues to be active in women’s Bible study and a Mothers of Preschoolers group as well as participating with Caedmon in swim, music and various playgroups. We are blessed that Tom’s practice continues to do well and thus keeps him quite busy. However, when he is home, we thoroughly enjoy time together as a family. In the early part of the year we again were able to lead the Crown Financial Bible study at church. Currently, we are joining with our friends, Ashley and Amy, who plan on starting a neighborhood Bible study in order to build relations within the community. As usual, we keep quite busy!

Recently, as we were doing some Christmas shopping, Caedmon spoke his first complete sentence…”Santa Claus say Ho! Ho! Ho!” We looked at each other in disbelief. First, it was amazing to hear our 19 month old tie all these words together, but even more so, we wondered where he had learned such a thing! Our discussion over the prior week had been about how we were going to find balance between allowing Caedmon to experience the wonder and magic of Santa, and yet teaching him the truth of Christmas - God’s plan of redemption through the miracle of Jesus’ birth. Yikes! It really brings home how much our society indoctrinates us with its secular message, beginning earlier with each passing year. We saw stores decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween, feeding the flames of consumerism. It is no wonder we find such difficulty focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. Yet, that is what we will continue to strive to do…not just for this month of December but throughout the year. We live in a world that has forgotten its origin and purpose. Santa Claus, Christmas decorations and presents are fun but the true and eternal gift is God’s Son, Jesus, who came to save us from our sins that we might have eternal life (John 3:16). We are unique over all of God’s creations. Though fallen, yet still reflecting His image, we have tremendous ability to design, create, investigate, and innovate. The world has allowed science to be held in the sphere of public truth - assumed real, quantifiable, factual… while relegating God to the intangible realm of private, personal belief and values. This shift in worldview has elevated man over God. There is, in the end, one truth that is all-encompassing, revealing that all other “truths” have fallen short. God and creation is ultimate reality. We, as believers using ways pleasing to God, are not only mandated to spread the Good News, but to redeem the culture. The two should be inseparable if we are living in such a way that there is no question about Whom we serve. We pray that you might be able to rejoice and celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas this year.

Tom, Lynette, Caedmon
Christmas 2007
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