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Monday, January 22, 2007

Dear C-boy

January 22, 2007

When I think about my life, I cannot imagine a time without your mother. So it is now with you (almost 81/2 months old)… it feels as if you, Caedmon, have always been with us. By this I know that God loves me. In my life, I have walked in many wrong paths away from God. However, because of foundations that were instilled by my parents, even though I chose to keep my life apart from theirs… somehow enough got through to me that I kept finding my way back to the Lord. His being the forgiveness of our human sins is more that we can comprehend. I think about it and can’t even relate because I can be one to hold onto grudges at others when they wrong me. I am not one to easily forgive others. These are things that God says we are not to do. No one can be 100% holy in this world (other than Jesus). In the Bible, God tells us all we need to know. People say we need mentors. So we go through life looking for people to guide us, looking up to people who seem to have it all right. However, we generally forget that God has given us His guidance, instruction, wisdom through His written words in the Bible. I hope that my study of it will yield much fruit in the years to come, especially as you are growing up. It is my hope that I will be able to teach you some of the truths that I can gleam from it and pass them onto you. The world will mislead you into thinking and believing that life is something different. Actually most of the people you will meet and know (likely they will be good people), however, will be living lives that are not meant for a true child of God. They will live with worldly perspectives, rather than an eternal one. Their most important possessions will be monetary (even though they won’t admit it). Their justifications will sound wholly reasonable and good, however God will not be first in their lives. Right now, I can’t honestly say that He is in mine. My lips speak otherwise, but my daily actions condemn me. If I can do one thing right for you it will be to instill in you the importance of keeping God first in everything about you. How to do this I am not sure, but I know it will have to begin with me. I’ve got to live the talk. I pray that God gives me the desire, strength, and the wisdom to do so.

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