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Monday, December 25, 2006

Dear C-boy

December 25, 2006

Caedmon, Your are now 7 ½ months old. A whole year has passed by! I’ve been wanting to write to you since you were born, but never seem to find the time. It’s Christmas morning (the 4th since I met your mom, our 3rd as a couple). Lynette is still sleeping. Let me recap some of the highlights of the year…

You were born on May 10, 2006 – 6 pounds 8 ounces at 19 ¾ inches, at Methodist Medical Center in Texas. Your mom carried you to term 39+ weeks. For several weeks beforehand, we thought we needed to do a Cesarean Section because you had turned several times during the pregnancy (from breech to transverse to breech, but eventually back to normal). Your mom had to be induced due to decreasing amniotic fluid. I had wanted to place the labor epidural for your mom, but was out-maneuvered by my partners at work. The 1st epidural placed by one of them did not work (actually it was unknowing and dangerously placed in the subdural space – I had my syringes of vasopressors to hemodynamically resuscitate your mom after the test bolus essentially dropped her blood pressure to almost zero! Thank God I was prepared. Your mom was so stoic she underwent cervidil induction (for about 12 hours) and another 6-8 hours of pitocin induction before I replaced the epidural myself when our friend (and your mom’s obstetrician) – He was a few years behind me and did his residency at the hospital I work at – that is how he & I got to know one another) thought we were going to need a C-section due to failure to progress. We played Christian music from our computer all through the night. However, after the 2nd epidural was placed, you were vaginally delivered within an hour or so. Your mom finally knew what a proper epidural felt like! What a blessing and joy you were when you were born – we had been praying and waiting for you. Your mom reached for you as soon as you were born and although she was very tired, she looked so happy, her face so beautiful, cheeks so warm and rosy. Your eyes were so bright when you were born. You laid there taking everything and everyone in. You were perfect!

We brought you home just under 24 hours later to our 1st home in the city. Our parenting lessons were just beginning. Here’s a tip for you – if you have a son and get him circumcised before you bring him home, don’t check out of the hospital early like we did… cause once the local anesthesia wears off, boy oh boy – you cried and cried all night long! Get some sleep at the hospital and let the nurses take care of the baby for a night. For about 3 months you were colicky. You would cry without any provocation and we’d try to be tough and let you cry it out within reason. Magically, the colic went away and from about 3 months onwards, you slept 10-12 hours a night pretty routinely. (We do believe you sleep so well because we let you cry it our initially. Some other moms we know don’t let their babies cry for long and their babies still aren’t sleeping through the night. – that’s another tidbit for you in the future) Your mom and I were so thankful for that! She loves you so much Caedmon. She breastfed you for 5-6 months before her milk supply dropped off. She was sad at that because of the benefits that breast milk conferred, but by that time your first 2 front lower teeth were coming in and it would have been tough for her to keep breast-feeding you anyways – your teeth were sharp!) You’ve been a good eater so far. Your mom read a lot about making baby foods from scratch. We pretty much fed you organic formulas and organic baby. Your happy smiles greeted us every morning. We learned about diaper changing, bath time, dressing you, feeding you, playing, etc. Your mom took you to Baby Sign Language classes and Swimming classes starting from about 6 months of age. A lot of other friends who had babies were having lots of professional pictures done, but I talked your mom into keeping that at a minimum. I liked our own pictures of you – they seemed more life-like and not so posed. However, we did get some professionally done by a photographer from church when you were 6 weeks old. Also, to our surprise we have got some good pictures of you from Target. I just heard you begin to wake up – you let out a babble or two. You aren’t talking in words yet, but you are close – you can make all sorts of noises (ma-ma, da-da, ne-ne, and you have been putting your lips together and spitting lately!). You can sit so well by yourself. We love playing with you and cuddling with you so much. Your mom will be awake soon. I’m on 3rd call today and I hope I won’t be called in. Because of my work schedule, we couldn’t travel to be with family. Your mom is a bit saddened by this. I don’t mind being by ourselves, but your mom has always enjoyed the company of friends and family during this season.

This past year, I have been let down by my partners at work. After you were born I wanted to slow down and work less, but my partners didn’t warm to the idea. We didn’t quite see eye to eye, and their final thought was that it would be easier for the group to let me go and find a new person who was willing to take call and work full-time than for them to allow me to work part-time (we never have enough people, because of our practice location – so the group was fantasizing about being able to recruit so easy). To decrease my stress, your mom and I took you with us to Kauai, Hawaii in October to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and again just 2 weeks ago – yes we are very blessed to have the means to do so. By the way just so you know, we were there also in October 2005, you were there too – you just weren’t born yet!). Anyway, I decided to hang in there after looking for a new job. I didn’t feel any clear direction from God at the time. We were also in the process of building our new home in the suburbs. Our city house did not sell as quickly as we had hoped – if all goes as planned, the home will be officially sold 4 days from now. We’ve been living in a apartment since August 2006. The new home we are building in conjunction with our friends Ashley & Amy Hodge. Ashley was our Crown Financial Ministry leader when we took the class for the 1st time. We have since taken it 2 more times and the last time, your mom & I co-led it along with one of our other church acquaintances. The Hodges are building across the street and immediately one house to the left. These home builds are an attempt to get one step close to financial freedom and be biblically wiser stewards of God’s money. The lesson we learned was that our 1st home, though beautiful, cost us more than we should have spent. I was too naïve when I bought it. It was a beautiful old home on an irregularly shaped ½ acre of land built in the early 1930’s with so much charm in a tree lined established old neighborhood. The upkeep really was painful to our bank account. We don’t have green thumbs so we were paying to keep the lawn & sculpted garden maintained, water bills, the continuous old home breakdown repairs, dog bills, etc. The life lesson here… unless you are prepared to take care of a large piece of land, don’t do it! Our new home will be on a much smaller piece of land, but it’s going to be an amazing house when completed – we’re actually going to have way more space inside. It’s a custom home from scratch and your mom & I planned and designed every part of it!

All of these events have kept your mom and I very busy. We can not imagine our lives without you. The greatest gift to us has already been given – God came in the form of Jesus and saved us from death. I have not been in the right frame of mind this season. The consumerism has dominated my motives, and the house build, and work issues have kept me from focusing living my life for Jesus. I hope that I can pass on good traditions in the future to you that will enable you to see this season correctly for what it truly is… a remembrance and celebration for the miracle God performed in sending Jesus to all mankind. That the consumerism is of man, for purposes not compatible with who we are as Christians in this world not meant to be our ultimate destination. Our goal is Heaven. Our perspective must be towards eternity with God. We will have much to talk about when you get older on this topic. I look forward to it Caedmon. The 2nd greatest gift was your mom to me… and the 3rd greatest gift is YOU to us. We look forward to celebrating today - firstly in praise of Jesus, secondly in thankfulness of our marriage, and lastly in joy of your 1st Christmas… Merry Christmas 2006 Caedmon!

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