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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Letter 2004

Dear Family & Friends,

As we sit to write this letter, it is hard to believe that yet another year has passed. We now claim one year of marriage under our belts and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been a year of joys & struggles, as each year is, yet the burdens have seemed lighter and the joys happier as we experience them together.
We feel more settled into our home and into our life together. We welcomed our first addition - a puppy - into our home in January. Piccadilly is an Airedale Terrier, who is full of energy and fun. She has added a lot of liveliness to our quiet home and we both enjoy her company (our families and friends who have come for visits down South have enjoyed her, too). She turned 1 year old in December so she’s moving beyond the training stages and becoming a wonderful companion and guard dog.

We have been blessed to welcome lots of visitors to over the past year and also to have traveled more of the world. We treasure each visit. The distance seems a little less when we are able to welcome people into our home and share a glimpse of our life here with them. Lynette has begun to compile a host of family recipes from Tom’s mom and aunts. She has learned to cook (and according to Tom, mastered and excelled at) many of his favorite dishes.

Our world travels have allowed us to visit friends and also to explore new places. In June, we were blessed to travel to Asia – Japan, to be exact. There, we explored the culture and also experienced the high school graduation of the first group of 5th grade students Lynette taught in 1996. This was a very special experience and we feel so blessed to have been a part of that unique time. In August, we traveled to Ireland with our friends. We enjoyed the beautiful countryside and Irish hospitality. October brought us to Pennsylvania and Seattle for special times with family and friends who are like family…as well as celebration of our 1st wedding anniversary. And our year of travels ended with a trip through Scandinavia – Denmark, Sweden & Finland - in December (our anniversary gift to each other) and a fun chance to see Christmas through the eyes of a different culture.

Tom continues to remain busy with work as his group has had a thriving practice this year. During the past summer, Lynette added to that stress at home after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We felt very blessed that the illness was diagnosed quickly by Lynette’s doctors and because of Tom’s profession and contacts she was able to be quickly treated. She is well on her way back to health after a rough autumn. She is once again back to her new found routine of running several miles a week. Lynette has taken on her own challenge and started a small calligraphy business. In October she completed her first official business project. She’s looking forward to taking on more work – addressing envelopes, lettering invitations, designing unique gifts and more. Besides that, she is involved in a wonderful women’s Bible study at church, a monthly book club, and weekly volunteer work at a local Christian school.

You are all precious to us. We pray that your holidays and the year ahead are filled with the blessings that only Jesus can bring. Let us know if your path brings you to Texas…our door is always open!

With Love,
Tom & Lynette
Christmas 2004

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