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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas Letter 2003

Dear Family & Friends,

What a year it has been! A year of great changes… both in the sense of being big and also of being wonderful. Most of you know that on Valentines Day of this year, we were engaged. Tom proposed in a horse-drawn carriage in front of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington…and of course, Lynette said YES! From that time, things started rolling and haven’t stopped since!

In May, we purchased both a newly restored house from the early 1930’s and a new SUV. Our new home is just minutes from downtown but you’d never know it. We are nestled in a neighborhood of tree-lined streets, just one mile from a beautiful lake. We enjoy our morning runs through the
neighborhood, and look forward to getting a puppy so that we can join the neighbors who we frequently see walking their dogs. We have also been learning the ins and outs of home maintenance. While our house is in good shape, as with any older home, there’s always something to be done.

In June, Lynette moved south to enjoy her first summer of Texas heat! In addition to Lynette adjusting to Texas and settling into the house, we spent the next several months traveling back and forth to Pennsylvania for wedding preparations & family weddings as well as to the Chicago area twice for weddings. It certainly was a year for weddings! Besides our own, we have attended 7 other weddings! In August, we celebrated the first family wedding of the year. Tom’s younger brother was married on August 9. It was a wonderful family event!

Our own big day came in the autumn! We had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends in Pennsylvania. Following a weekend of celebration, we flew off to Europe to continue the honeymoon. We spent 3 days in London and 5 days on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Since we both have the travel bug, we thoroughly enjoyed experiencing these new places…and look forward to our next opportunity to “see the world.”

You’d think that the busyness would have died down by now, but alas, our lives continue to be full. We’ve enjoyed hosting both of Tom’s parents as well as Lynette’s mom in our new home. We’ve also made a trip back to Pennsylvania to celebrate the marriage of Lynette’s friend Susi. Now that we’re back in town, we have been busy settling into our home. We’ve had the pleasure of preparing our first Thanksgiving meal (very yummy!) & are now busy preparing for Christmas.
Tom’s practice continues to do well so Tom has stayed busy with work. Lynette is taking a few more months at home to practice her new role as wife. While she loves classroom teaching, she is looking into other ways to use her degree. We’ll see where God leads…

While our year has certainly been a testimony to God’s love for us, we know that there are those of you who have not had a year full of joy. While we cannot understand the ways of God, we fully believe that there is a purpose to everything and that God uses all things for his glory. Faith in good times is easy… we encourage you to hold on during the times of trials. We pray for all of you dear ones to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

If you want to visit, our door is always open! May your Christmas and the New Year ahead be overflowing with the joy of the Lord.

With Much Love,
Lynette & Tom
Christmas 2003

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